college friends

The other night was so amazing because I got to see my friends in college.  It's just a simple gather, dinner, chatting and sight-seeing.  We ate at Sito's Grill then went to Mana Davao. Mana Davao is one of the most anticipated, most flocked, and a must-see Christmas attraction in the city of Davao. Every year, they have different displays and they put lights on it. It's just along the highway where vehicles are passing by, that is why it causes a heavy traffic at night.

Christmas and Birthday

Merry Christmas to all!  How's your celebration with your friends and relatives?

Before Christmas Eve, we went to my in-laws house for dinner get-together. Together with my brother, his wife and daughter, we celebrated Christmas Even at home and some gift giving.  It was also the 1st birthday of my 2nd baby, Raine.  Hubby also celebrated Christmas on board with his co-workers.

Photo: We love you baby Raine!  :-)

Made this for baby Raine using my Samsung Tablet

baby Raine's birthday cake by Cecile's Snack Inn & Bakeshop

Our potluck lunch at my cousin's house.

Mika received gifts from the Lim Clan relatives.

Raine also received gifts from the Lim Clan relatives.


Hubby with his co-workers.

busy, busy, busy

It's been days since my last entry, I've been very busy with things.  First of all, last December 1 my uncle from California arrived for a business trip in Manila and in Davao.  That night when he arrived, the relatives gathered for a dinner party.  Well, he just stayed for a couple of days after some meetings then left back to Manila then Hawaii and back to California.

my uncle at the back standing making ang "peace" sign on the head of my cousin...LOL

my brother, his wife and their 2 kids

with my 2 daughters...this pose is for my sweetheart who's far away...we miss you!

My cousin, his wife, 4 sons and wife's mother arrived last December 15 from Florida.  They are here to celebrate Christmas and New Year!  Actually, their mother is my mom's older sister who is staying here for good after she retired as nurse in Florida.  

this is my cousin, Elson

my nephew, Preston

nephews, Mateo & Santos

nephew, cousin did that funny face while he was sleeping, hahaha...

photo randoms

Last Nov. 25, baby Raine turned 11 months.  She will turn 1 this Christmas Day  =)

Yesterday, had bonding with 2 mommies at school while waiting for the kids from their class.

This afternoon, went to SM to pay bills.  Dropped by at Krispy Kreme for take-out, got 1 dozen and these are the new flavors for the Holidays.

Rainy Friday

Waiting for the rain to stop....

with Mika's Classmates

with mommies


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ANTM British Invation

I know that this ANTM cycle is already finished but it was seen on replay on Star World. I was excited on watching it because the challenge was a Hello Kitty Photo shoot. I do not know if I heard it right that the designer is a Filipino. This said photo shoot was photograph by Ann He, a 16 years old based out of Dallas.

this is Ann He

Now, here are the models with the costumes:

Alisha, from UK

Annaliese, from UK

Catherine, from UK

Eboni, from USA

Laura, from USA

Seymone, from USA

Sophie, from UK

HK Pink Bag

I really love HELLO KITTY!   In Facebook, I added an online store named GRIMZ KITTY STUFF .  Ang super cute ng mga Hello Kitty stuffs na binebenta niya, grabe!  And then one day I saw that she posted some items na pinapa-raffle niya, you just need to bet for a certain amount depending on the the item.  So I tried to bet some but I had no luck.  One afternoon she texted me that I won a raffle that I bet and like I was so happy!

this is the bag that I won... 

proof that I won...LOL  

bonding with mommies

After I accompanied Mika to school yesterday, me and my "mommy barkadas" (mommies of Mika's classmates) went to the house of one of the mommies (brought baby Raine with me).  Mika's class starts at 1pm and ends at 4pm.  All we did was just talk and talked, some serious talks and some are funny too.  Just bought 2 liters of coke and some chips.  Before we went back to school to fetch the kids, we did some photo shoots...hehe....

New branches will open

I am so happy that there are new different establishments that will open in different malls:


Starbucks Coffee at SM Lanang, will open on October 13, 2013

Krispy Kreme, will open two stores simultaneously on October 20 -- one each at The Annex at SM City Davao and Abreeza Mall -- and then open its third branch in November at the SM Lanang Premier.

Yianna @ 14

Yesterday was the 14th birthday of my niece's birthday, Yianna!  And yesterday also my brother left for Singapore, back to his work in Star Cruise Virgo.  Yesterday was just a simple dinner birthday, there's lechon but I only like the crispy skin.  I do not have lots of photos but I took 3 shots:

the birthday girl, Yianna (far left)

baby Raine w/ auntie Lani

my brother before he left for Singapore, w/ nephews & niece

SM Lanang Opening

Hello to all, its been months since my last blog.  Very busy with hubby and with Mika's school.  Bad news is that my lappy was down, so I need to reformat it.

Last Friday was the opening of SM City in Lanang, Davao City.  They said that the traffic was heavy,  it will take hours to wait in the jeepney.  But yesterday, the heavy was not that bad.  I was amazed to how big ma SM is and the basement parking is awesome! Hindi ko pa lahat na-ikot sa sobrang daming tao, hindi pa lahat ng stalls open.  Pero ang pinaka-pinagkaguluhan ng mga girls was the boutique of FOREVER 21.  Will share some photos below:

one of the exit side...


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