Mika's Christmas Party

Just this December 21, it was my daughter's Christmas party at their school. They started at 9am and finished pass 11pm. They had a great time especially with their classmates and very excited to receive their gifts from the manito/manita. For their food, they had packed snacks (Chicken & Pizza) from Greenwhich with C2 Ice Tea. They had games and many more. After the kids party, we went to the mall to have lunch at BonChon.

before the party...


opening of gifts...


need your PRAYERS

Last Friday morning, my father had a sever dizziness.  So, my mother brought him to the hospital (where my brother works) for check-up.  His blood pressure went up that cause him mild stroke.  He undergone CT Scan.  The doctor said there was a problem in his throat that he cannot swallow even his saliva, that's why merong nilagay na tube sa nose niya para dun ilagay ang milk (Ensure) because he had a hard time swallowing solids.  Nilagyan din siya ng oxygen and dextrose.  There were abnormalities seen in his heart and also his brain.  Yesterday, he was transferred at the ICU to be monitor closely.  I do not know but I think all of these happened because of his drinking liquor and cigarettes.  Well, we warned him before but he's very hard-headed.

Please, I need all your PRAYERS.  Thank you and God bless to all!

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