ANTM British Invation

I know that this ANTM cycle is already finished but it was seen on replay on Star World. I was excited on watching it because the challenge was a Hello Kitty Photo shoot. I do not know if I heard it right that the designer is a Filipino. This said photo shoot was photograph by Ann He, a 16 years old based out of Dallas.

this is Ann He

Now, here are the models with the costumes:

Alisha, from UK

Annaliese, from UK

Catherine, from UK

Eboni, from USA

Laura, from USA

Seymone, from USA

Sophie, from UK


Lhyzie said...

so cute!
i love hello kitty <3

Jhoana said...

Ohhh. that's really gorgeous! I remember watching ANTM before... After All-stars di na ko nakanood ulit.

Jaztien said...

I saw this episode.. I really wish Catherine was eliminated rather than Seymone.. I think her upper body was strong but her legs really suck and is very awkward..


- Justin -
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