HK Pink Bag

I really love HELLO KITTY!   In Facebook, I added an online store named GRIMZ KITTY STUFF .  Ang super cute ng mga Hello Kitty stuffs na binebenta niya, grabe!  And then one day I saw that she posted some items na pinapa-raffle niya, you just need to bet for a certain amount depending on the the item.  So I tried to bet some but I had no luck.  One afternoon she texted me that I won a raffle that I bet and like I was so happy!

this is the bag that I won... 

proof that I won...LOL  


Jaztien said...

congrats!! that looks really cute..! :D


- Justin -
The World According To Me

Yesha said...

Hmmm I dunno if my comment went through but....

I love love HK too <3
Congrats and that is a pretty bag Love it



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