Flip Flops, Mother's Day, Election 2013

Last Sunday was Mother's Day.  It was a joy that many greeted you in that special day, as a mother.  Well, because it's Sunday we went to church for a Sunday service then went to SM to buy food for lunch and dinner.  But when we arrived at SM, naputol ang isang sandal ko.  And napa-OMG talaga ako ng sobra.  I have no choice but to buy one, so immediately went to the department store and caught my eyes.  A Hello Kitty flip flops by Banana Peel.  It was super duper cute!!!!

That night, we gathered for dinner with some relatives together with my uncles from California to celebrate Mother's Day.  It was fun especially with the kids.

Then yesterday, was election day for Senators (National), Mayor, Vice-Mayor, Governor, Vice-Governor, Congressman and Councilors (Local).  It was a long process to vote because you need to follow the long line who are also voting.  If you go early, you finish voting early.  For me, my mom and my brother, we went around 9am and waited for 1 hour and 15 minutes.  For my mom, she should be priority because she is a senior citizen already but she chose to fall in line with us (for experience).  That afternoon, we had DURIAN!!!


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