Papa's Burial

Sad to say but that is life.  My father died last January 22, 2014.  We really thought his sickness was okay and thought that he could be discharge from the hospital but it made him worst.  Aspiration Pneumonia was the main problem.  As what I have said on my previous entry, it only started with dizziness then high blood pressure and mild stroke.  The wake lasted only for 3 days, the burial was yesterday (January 25) at 9am.  Thank you to friends and relatives who condole with us and God bless.  

siblings of papa

my mom, my 2 kids and my brother.  my younger brother is in Singapore

at the cemetery

with my mom & brother

with cousins

35 years


Thank you Lord for 35 years of existence and I thank HIM for giving me good health and family! CHEERS!

A mommy friend gave me this birthday gift after I dropped-off Mika to school

Our pastor visited us late this afternoon to say hello especially the condition of my dad.  Wala sa plano, invited them for dinner. 


Christmas 2013 & New Year 2014

Happy New Year To All! Before I get to the happy story, will tell you the kinda sad party story. To those who did not know, my dad was confined at the hospital last December 6. At first, it only started with a dizziness. Then my mom said let's go to the hospital for check-up. When they arrived at the hospital, my dad had high blood pressure. The blood pressure did not go down so he was confined so that there will be series of tests. The next day, my mom called and said that he had mild stroke and he has problem swallowing. He had also pneumonia, so he needs to be transferred at the ICU. He was restrained because he wants to go down and go home, he also wants to pull the tubes that are attached to him like the NGT, dextrose and catheter. We stayed at the ICU for 2 weeks, then when the doctor said we can go home and continue treating him and feed him using the NGT. But my dad is hard-headed, he won't listen to us. He removed the NGT tube twice and we were giving him food through spoon-feed slowly because he might choke. But he was sick more, that's why he went back to the ICU December 26 because he already lacked oxygen. As of today, his lungs are congested and the phlegm have bacteria.

Well, that's life.  But for me, the Christmas and New Year celebration will not stop especially for the kids. Before Christmas Eve, my brother, sister-in-law and their daughter celebrated with us after dinner. They brought mango charlotte cake, chicken teryaki and sparkling wine. December 25 was my daughter's birthday, RAINE. Every Christmas day, we celebrate at my cousin's place. All of us bring food (potluck lunch) and I brought birthday cake so that she can blow. My mother didn't come with us because she took care of my dad. After the potluck party we went to my in-law's place for sleepover.

the food...

Raine, blowing the candle with the help of mommy and ate Mika.

We miss you daddy!  ^_^/

Sleep-over at in-law's place...

gifts that my daughters received.

For new year, I baked Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting.  It was my 1st attempt, for me it was kinda sweet but they said it was okay.  Well, we all know that fireworks are banned in Davao.  So, we only blew our torotots to welcome the year 2014.  January 1 was the birthday of my nephew, we celebrated it at my aunt's place.  As usual, it was a potluck dinner with relatives.


Torotot for New Year...

the birthday boy...


Happy New Year, during my nephew's birthday

Lastly, just this Saturday we also had a post-Christmas Party with my mommy friends at school where our kids are classmates.  Our friendship started last year when Mika started school.  We had food, drinks, exchange gifts, videoke and games.  Here's a game we played and it was really funny!  Click this link --> Fruit Salad

Hope you guys enjoy reading my blog.  Will blog-hop too after this.  Once again, Happy NewYear and God bless you all!!!


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