32 na

Yesterday, I celebrated my 32nd birthday. Sad to say hubby was not here to celebrate my special day. Actually, there is no party. Just ate lunch at home with mika, my mom, dad, brother, awit and chloe. Had kare-kare, veggies and pansit. My brother bought black forrest cake from red ribbon and ice cream. I also like to thank the people who greeted me on FB and through text. God bless you all and I love you!


Hello again, how's everything?  It's my 2nd day using my new blogspot and still i can't open my labshu.info ... It's just sad because my domain will expired in 2011 pa, sayang talaga.

Daming nangyari nung Holidays, there are gatherings here and there.  Last Dec.24, we went to the mall (w/my in-laws) for photo session.  I was happy because complete sila hubby (brother & sisters).  will share 3 photos, click for larger view.  Enjoy viewing and God bless!  :)

my in-laws

hubby w/his brother & sisters

me w/hubby & mika


Hello to all! Happy New Year to All! Welcome to my other sideblog, Labshu16.Blogspot.Com ... Haven't heard about my Labshu.Info and I don't know why. I was trying to locate Mica pero wala akong link sa kanya because I'm using a new lappy and back to zero ako sa lahat. For now, I will be using this account while wala yung main link ko. I'm new to this one, kumakapa pa ako sa template that I am using.  Anyone can message me if you can make me new template, hehe.. :D Until then, God bless to all! ;)

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