it's been 5 months...

It has been more that 5 months since my last blog. Since my husband arrived from work, I was very busy with my life as a wife and as a mother. There were very special occasions that was celebrated and for me it was very memorable. First thing, I was having problems with my laptop because it was needed to be reformat, my hard disk was corrupted.

When my husband arrived, we celebrated his birthday together with relatives. We had grilled fish, pork and fresh green salads.

A week after hubby's celebration, it was my daughter's opening in her school. Then the following week was Father's Day.

Then comes my nephew's 3rd birthday, Leedon Vincent. After that it was Mika's classmate's birthday, Lovy Chin. Next, at Mika's school they celebrated Nutrition Month.

That month end, a pretty baby girl was added to our family baby Savannah. Then my brother arrived for his vacation.

My cousin-inlaw arrived from the States because her mom died, there got the chance to bond with the family.

My hubby's grandmother and his uncle from Australia arrived, in time for baby Savanna's dedication. Another bonding moments with my inlaws.

Then it was Mika's Speechfest at school.

Then my siblings treated our mother a birthday together.

Then it was me from my hubby to go back to work, will not see him for 8 months. Sad to say that he's not here to celebrate Christmas, New Year, our anniversary, the kids and my birthday. But it's okay because I know that God is with him to protect and give him more strength to carry all the work that he will encounter. Good thing we can talk though internet, thanks to the technology now.

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