Mika's Christmas Party

Just this December 21, it was my daughter's Christmas party at their school. They started at 9am and finished pass 11pm. They had a great time especially with their classmates and very excited to receive their gifts from the manito/manita. For their food, they had packed snacks (Chicken & Pizza) from Greenwhich with C2 Ice Tea. They had games and many more. After the kids party, we went to the mall to have lunch at BonChon.

before the party...


opening of gifts...


need your PRAYERS

Last Friday morning, my father had a sever dizziness.  So, my mother brought him to the hospital (where my brother works) for check-up.  His blood pressure went up that cause him mild stroke.  He undergone CT Scan.  The doctor said there was a problem in his throat that he cannot swallow even his saliva, that's why merong nilagay na tube sa nose niya para dun ilagay ang milk (Ensure) because he had a hard time swallowing solids.  Nilagyan din siya ng oxygen and dextrose.  There were abnormalities seen in his heart and also his brain.  Yesterday, he was transferred at the ICU to be monitor closely.  I do not know but I think all of these happened because of his drinking liquor and cigarettes.  Well, we warned him before but he's very hard-headed.

Please, I need all your PRAYERS.  Thank you and God bless to all!


When Mika enrolled last year at school (my alma mater), I met new mommy friends (mommies of Mika's classmates).  Since then, they have been my mommy kaberks upto now.  The class schedule of the kids is from 1pm-4pm.  Between that times, we go malling.  The 2 photos below, one is absent because of important/emergency transactions.

1st tapok-tapos at S&R (November 6, 2013)

2nd tapok-tapok at Shakey's Pizza (November 20, 2013)


Days to go and it is Christmas already.  Time do fly so fast, I cannot believe it.  Sad to say that hubby is not here to celebrate with us, he left for work last October and will be home again June 2014.  To bring the spirit of Christmas in the house, I started decorating already and good thing I'm finish already.

Vikings Experience

A week ago, the mother of Mika's classmate invited us for dinner for her daughter's 5th birthday.  And I was surprised because the venue was Vikings Luxury Buffet.  I heard that it is the BIGGEST buffet restaurant in the Phillippines.  My jaws opened wide when my friend told me about the buffet rate. (CLICK PHOTOS TO ENLARGE).

Mika was very happy together with her classmates.  Actually, magba-barkada silang lahat including us mommies.  Enjoy browsing the photos and God bless!

The early birds, hehe...

with Mika's classmate barkadas & siblings...

the mommies....

busog na....BURP!!!

it's been 5 months...

It has been more that 5 months since my last blog. Since my husband arrived from work, I was very busy with my life as a wife and as a mother. There were very special occasions that was celebrated and for me it was very memorable. First thing, I was having problems with my laptop because it was needed to be reformat, my hard disk was corrupted.

When my husband arrived, we celebrated his birthday together with relatives. We had grilled fish, pork and fresh green salads.

A week after hubby's celebration, it was my daughter's opening in her school. Then the following week was Father's Day.

Then comes my nephew's 3rd birthday, Leedon Vincent. After that it was Mika's classmate's birthday, Lovy Chin. Next, at Mika's school they celebrated Nutrition Month.

That month end, a pretty baby girl was added to our family baby Savannah. Then my brother arrived for his vacation.

My cousin-inlaw arrived from the States because her mom died, there got the chance to bond with the family.

My hubby's grandmother and his uncle from Australia arrived, in time for baby Savanna's dedication. Another bonding moments with my inlaws.

Then it was Mika's Speechfest at school.

Then my siblings treated our mother a birthday together.

Then it was me from my hubby to go back to work, will not see him for 8 months. Sad to say that he's not here to celebrate Christmas, New Year, our anniversary, the kids and my birthday. But it's okay because I know that God is with him to protect and give him more strength to carry all the work that he will encounter. Good thing we can talk though internet, thanks to the technology now.

Flip Flops, Mother's Day, Election 2013

Last Sunday was Mother's Day.  It was a joy that many greeted you in that special day, as a mother.  Well, because it's Sunday we went to church for a Sunday service then went to SM to buy food for lunch and dinner.  But when we arrived at SM, naputol ang isang sandal ko.  And napa-OMG talaga ako ng sobra.  I have no choice but to buy one, so immediately went to the department store and caught my eyes.  A Hello Kitty flip flops by Banana Peel.  It was super duper cute!!!!

That night, we gathered for dinner with some relatives together with my uncles from California to celebrate Mother's Day.  It was fun especially with the kids.

Then yesterday, was election day for Senators (National), Mayor, Vice-Mayor, Governor, Vice-Governor, Congressman and Councilors (Local).  It was a long process to vote because you need to follow the long line who are also voting.  If you go early, you finish voting early.  For me, my mom and my brother, we went around 9am and waited for 1 hour and 15 minutes.  For my mom, she should be priority because she is a senior citizen already but she chose to fall in line with us (for experience).  That afternoon, we had DURIAN!!!

Mc Donald's Kiddie Crew 2013

Last April 8-12, I let my daughter Mika join the Mc Donald's Kiddie Crew 2013 at SM City Davao (Ecoland). It was a 5-days experience for Mika to have fun and meet new friends. The registration fee was P550 which includes t-shirt, cap, bag, id w/lace, workshop materials, graduation certificate and especially their snacks. Their activities includes Values-formation Lecture, On-floor Restaurant Training, Song and Dance Sessions and Art Workshop (Burger Making and Color Your Own Apron). To cap off the workshop, all restaurants will have their own graduations for the week’s batches, on the 5th day of the workshops. There will also be a Grand Graduation for all McDo Kiddie Crew program participants at the end of summer.


Day 1 - Mika at the take-out counter

Day 2 - Paint their own apron

Day 3 - Mika putting sodas in a cup

Day 4 - Making their own burger

Day 5 - Culmination Day

With the Kiddie Crew group, 1pm-3pm batch

Mika's Recognition

Finally, the school year 2012-2013 already ended.  It was Mika's recognition and I am very proud because she received a merit award as Very Responsible.  

with cousin, Chloe

with the graduate's mommies

the graduates

Sunday Stroll

Yesterday afternoon after church, we went to the mall with my in-laws.  It's been months since baby Raine haven't been to the mall and haven't seen my in-laws too.  The reason also why we were there because of the ABS-CBN's 4th National Dog Summit. It was a Cosplay Themed Dog Fashion Show, super cute.

1st place - Dog Name: Ady " CHUN LI # 5"
2nd place - Dog Name: Michael " Capt. America # 41"
3rd place - Dog name: SOFIA " Warcraft character # 13"
Peoples Choice Awards - Woody of Toy Story
(Photo credit to the owner, click HERE) for more

my daughter, baby Raine

my eldest Mika w/ friend ate Ella

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

my mom playing Candy Crush Saga

Who loves to play Candy Crush?  I've been addicted to this but I am stuck in Level 35.  My mom loves to play it too when I introduced it to her.  

How about you, do you play this game?  What Level are you?

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