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Last Nov. 25, baby Raine turned 11 months.  She will turn 1 this Christmas Day  =)

Yesterday, had bonding with 2 mommies at school while waiting for the kids from their class.

This afternoon, went to SM to pay bills.  Dropped by at Krispy Kreme for take-out, got 1 dozen and these are the new flavors for the Holidays.


Jaztien said...

Cool!! Baby Raine is soooo cute!! Plus, those donuts...!! :)


- Justin -
The World According To Me

Lhyzie said...

the baby is so cute!

roviedear said...

that krispy kreme donut is wow! :D

The Bargain Doll

janelle said...

i love krispy kreme donuts <3 these looks extremely mouth-watering :3

Yesha said...

Advance happy birthday to baby Raine <3 God bless

Ohmy! I want Krispy Kreme too ^ ^



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