SM Lanang Opening

Hello to all, its been months since my last blog.  Very busy with hubby and with Mika's school.  Bad news is that my lappy was down, so I need to reformat it.

Last Friday was the opening of SM City in Lanang, Davao City.  They said that the traffic was heavy,  it will take hours to wait in the jeepney.  But yesterday, the heavy was not that bad.  I was amazed to how big ma SM is and the basement parking is awesome! Hindi ko pa lahat na-ikot sa sobrang daming tao, hindi pa lahat ng stalls open.  Pero ang pinaka-pinagkaguluhan ng mga girls was the boutique of FOREVER 21.  Will share some photos below:

one of the exit side...


Yesha said...

Yay for the new mall :)
Oh, F21 is <3

Can't wait to see more photos

The kids are adorable :))


JHEN said...

I agree. daming tao that time :3 hihi. buti nalang around 5PM kami pumunta duon. xD haha. SM lanang is somehow parang mega mall sa mnl xD


Bella Morcen said...

The name is kinda weird haha! Anyway, enjoy F21!

lalalaPatricia said...

Neee! Cute ni Mika! I mean both of them! <3 Too sad wala pang F21 nung pumunta kame dyan. >< Miss bumping here :)

Lhyzie said...

new mall :)
grabe ang yaman tlaga ng sm.


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