• Last Thursday and Friday, I had the chance to talk to hubby thru Skype before they left for Louisiana.  He's happy to see Mika, Raine, and me.  

  • Yesterday was Edsa Revolution anniversary and it's baby Raine's 2nd monthsary and my brother's birthday (whose in Singapore working in Star Cruise Virgo).  I made him a birthday card and he likes it's, hehe...
  • Hubby and I decided na magpa-gawa kami ng bed namin kasi yung bed dito (where my 2 brothers stayed before) had 1 single bed and 1 double deck.  Mika will sleep sa double deck bed below then kami ni hubby at Raine sa new bed.  Nag-bigay ng update yung furniture na pinagawaan naman and baka by next week tapos na.

pre-heart's day

Thanks to all who commented on my previous entry! It's very hard for us to be apart especially to our daughters. Lahat naman kelangan merong sacrifices and this is also for us, lalo na sa kinabukasan ng mga anak namin. Before Valentine's Day (monday @ 12mn, their time), hubby woke up to talk to me kasi malakas ang signal. They are now sailing through Mississippi River, go to Bahamas. I hope there will be a wifi connection when they get to Bahamas.

As you remembered on my previous entry about hubby, bought Blackberry Playbook...Guess what???  He sold it to his co-worker and bought Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 inches.  Here's a photo of him below using the tab:

using his new Samsung Galaxy Tab

hubby time


took a photo of baby Raine for hubby to see how big she is right now...

Good evening to all!  Yesterday, had a chance to talk to hubby twice while they were still sailing (passing Mississippi River).  Been talking more about Mika, going to school this school year.  Mika will enroll in my Alma mater, Davao Christian High School (Nursery 1).  

hubby woke me up thru txt that he's online

hubby's online again after their bunkering and it's almost 3am (their time)

DCHS Grand Alumni Homecoming 2012

Attended Davao Christian High School's 5th Grand Alumni Homecoming last night, hosted by Batch 87. As usual, only 5 of us attended the said event. It was a different event compared to other batches that hosted the alumni homecoming. We laugh so hard as Ms. Marissa Sanchez entertained us with songs, impersonate some showbiz singers and artists and making "okray" especially to my former teacher Sir Oscar "Oca" Honorario.  It was a BLAST last night, medyo it was bitin lang.  Limited time lang kasi yung alumni, almost 12mn na ata natapos ang event.  Too bad didn't win the raffle, which are mostly cellphones (LG Octane).  Will share some photos below.

w/ schoolmates Teri & Jocy

classmates Andrew & Eugene

w/ Marissa Sanchez.  While singing her 2nd to the last song, had the opportunity to take a picture.

i love Hello Kitty!

I really love Hello Kitty! The truth??? I'm addicted to Hello Kitty stuffs!!! I don't know why but I really love Hello Kitty!!! Yes, I'm kinda childish a little but you can't blame me for loving Hello Kitty. When my 1st daughter was born, I bought her HK stuffs and shirts. In my 2nd daughter, thinking of buying also HK stuffs to her too. As for me, I'm buying/collecting HK stuffs also. Below are some stuffs that I bought:

As of this moment, I have additional oders:


Been busy for the past few days. Last monday, went to the pedia of baby Raine for her monthly check-up. I also let her pedia see her belly button because it's bulging out. She said that if it will get big, she will refer me to a surgeon. It says in a website I read, an umbilical hernia is an outward bulging (protrusion) of the abdominal lining or part of the abdominal organ(s) through the area around the belly button.

After talking taking to the pedia, Mika and I went to the salon to get a haircut. My haircut was fine but Mika was not, it's not straight. That's why my mom and my aunt cut it straight and it looks better.

this was taken after my mom & cut it straight


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