been lazy

Hello do all, how are you guys doing?  Well, it's been 4 months since my last post.  I do not know but that months that past, I was kinda lazy making blogs because maybe only few are visiting my blog or nobody visits.  Will just coup up with my blog.  Will narrate things that happened for the past few days.

Last Thursday,we harvested our air potato. We cooked it that tonight together with pork, carrots and tomato sauce. This is a different potato, it is color green unlike the ordinary potato that is color yellow. We will post the finish dish tonight for our dinner. According to Wikipedia that Air potato can grow extremely quickly, roughly 8 inches per day, and eventually reach over 60 feet long. It typically climbs to the tops of trees and has a tendency to take over native plants.

Yesterday, we went to S&R to buy some stuffs here at home. After that, we ordered pizza S&R Pizza for take out for our late lunch. It was a combo flavored pizza and it was very yummy. The toppings were olives, green pepper, pepperoni and some meat. We did not finish all the pizza, we saved it for that night's dinner.

This afternoon, me and my 2 mother friends went to the bank to do some errands. After that, we were starving. So, we went to this Restaurant in a known hotel. They serve Buffet Merienda which will start at 2:30pm. The served halo-halo, bake macaroni, green veggie salads, fruits, breads and brownies with matching 2 kinds of juices. We just stayed there eating, chit-chatting and browsed the internet through their wifi connection. After that, went directly to the school to fetch our kids.


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