Christmas and Birthday

Merry Christmas to all!  How's your celebration with your friends and relatives?

Before Christmas Eve, we went to my in-laws house for dinner get-together. Together with my brother, his wife and daughter, we celebrated Christmas Even at home and some gift giving.  It was also the 1st birthday of my 2nd baby, Raine.  Hubby also celebrated Christmas on board with his co-workers.

Photo: We love you baby Raine!  :-)

Made this for baby Raine using my Samsung Tablet

baby Raine's birthday cake by Cecile's Snack Inn & Bakeshop

Our potluck lunch at my cousin's house.

Mika received gifts from the Lim Clan relatives.

Raine also received gifts from the Lim Clan relatives.


Hubby with his co-workers.


Rhea Bue said...

awww.. happy birthday to your 2nd baby sisss! :) hope you enjoyed your Christmas eve! merry christmas to youu.. better late than never ;)

Clare said...

Happy Birthday baby Raine! :) you're so cute <3

Merry Christmas :D

Angelique Misa said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely kid :) and Merry Christmas!

Cute cake btw :)

MaryJane Tauyan said...

happy bday to her dear! So love the cake my daughter loves hello kitty as well! So pink and cute! xx

roviedear said...

happy birthday to your 2nd baby!! cute naman, same celebration as christmas!! :D i hope the kid got 2 gifts :D hihi! happy holidays to you!!


The Bargain Doll

JHEN said...

My Christmas was fine! celebrated it with my family :> Happy Birthday to your second baby! cute gifts and nomnom foods! :D Advance Happy New Year to you! :D



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