bonding with mommies

After I accompanied Mika to school yesterday, me and my "mommy barkadas" (mommies of Mika's classmates) went to the house of one of the mommies (brought baby Raine with me).  Mika's class starts at 1pm and ends at 4pm.  All we did was just talk and talked, some serious talks and some are funny too.  Just bought 2 liters of coke and some chips.  Before we went back to school to fetch the kids, we did some photo shoots...hehe....


Lhyzie said...

it's really nice to bond with your friends.

Rhea Bue (Styles&Writes) said...

awww.. you mommies are sooo pretty!!! :D would love to meet you girls someday :)

Yesha said...

This is cool!
It is nice to be close with your kid's classmates mommies :)

At least you'll not get bored while waiting for your kids at school to pick 'em up

Faith said...

awwww ate ang cute nyo naman! it's so nice to think that you can meet friends everywhere..
you're so pretty as always!


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