college friends

The other night was so amazing because I got to see my friends in college.  It's just a simple gather, dinner, chatting and sight-seeing.  We ate at Sito's Grill then went to Mana Davao. Mana Davao is one of the most anticipated, most flocked, and a must-see Christmas attraction in the city of Davao. Every year, they have different displays and they put lights on it. It's just along the highway where vehicles are passing by, that is why it causes a heavy traffic at night.

Christmas and Birthday

Merry Christmas to all!  How's your celebration with your friends and relatives?

Before Christmas Eve, we went to my in-laws house for dinner get-together. Together with my brother, his wife and daughter, we celebrated Christmas Even at home and some gift giving.  It was also the 1st birthday of my 2nd baby, Raine.  Hubby also celebrated Christmas on board with his co-workers.

Photo: We love you baby Raine!  :-)

Made this for baby Raine using my Samsung Tablet

baby Raine's birthday cake by Cecile's Snack Inn & Bakeshop

Our potluck lunch at my cousin's house.

Mika received gifts from the Lim Clan relatives.

Raine also received gifts from the Lim Clan relatives.


Hubby with his co-workers.

busy, busy, busy

It's been days since my last entry, I've been very busy with things.  First of all, last December 1 my uncle from California arrived for a business trip in Manila and in Davao.  That night when he arrived, the relatives gathered for a dinner party.  Well, he just stayed for a couple of days after some meetings then left back to Manila then Hawaii and back to California.

my uncle at the back standing making ang "peace" sign on the head of my cousin...LOL

my brother, his wife and their 2 kids

with my 2 daughters...this pose is for my sweetheart who's far away...we miss you!

My cousin, his wife, 4 sons and wife's mother arrived last December 15 from Florida.  They are here to celebrate Christmas and New Year!  Actually, their mother is my mom's older sister who is staying here for good after she retired as nurse in Florida.  

this is my cousin, Elson

my nephew, Preston

nephews, Mateo & Santos

nephew, cousin did that funny face while he was sleeping, hahaha...


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