• Last Thursday and Friday, I had the chance to talk to hubby thru Skype before they left for Louisiana.  He's happy to see Mika, Raine, and me.  

  • Yesterday was Edsa Revolution anniversary and it's baby Raine's 2nd monthsary and my brother's birthday (whose in Singapore working in Star Cruise Virgo).  I made him a birthday card and he likes it's, hehe...
  • Hubby and I decided na magpa-gawa kami ng bed namin kasi yung bed dito (where my 2 brothers stayed before) had 1 single bed and 1 double deck.  Mika will sleep sa double deck bed below then kami ni hubby at Raine sa new bed.  Nag-bigay ng update yung furniture na pinagawaan naman and baka by next week tapos na.


Mei said...

Technology is really helpful when it comes to communicating. You can have a conversation with someone face to face without spending a lot. Hehe.

Who would not like that photo you made? It's nice and personally made just for him. :))

Mas mura nga ata magpagawa ng ebd kesa bumili noh? I am not sure. XD But at least, you get the design you want to have :)

lalalaPatricia said...

Sweet as always. Belated to your brothah! How sweet of you for the card. And the bed show it to us the final set :)

ayah said...

goodluck on your endeavors te. :)
happy bday sa kapatid mo.



Faith said...

ang sweet nyo talaga ate!happy for you!sana magkasama na kayo soon.
happy belated birthday to your brother!cute card!
yay cant wait to see your new bed :)

Lin said...

uy buti pa si Bern! hahaha nice at stable naman palang job nya. Ang tagal na din nya sa cruise ship. Ang alam ko eh malaki daw ang tips sa ganyan.


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