DCHS Grand Alumni Homecoming 2012

Attended Davao Christian High School's 5th Grand Alumni Homecoming last night, hosted by Batch 87. As usual, only 5 of us attended the said event. It was a different event compared to other batches that hosted the alumni homecoming. We laugh so hard as Ms. Marissa Sanchez entertained us with songs, impersonate some showbiz singers and artists and making "okray" especially to my former teacher Sir Oscar "Oca" Honorario.  It was a BLAST last night, medyo it was bitin lang.  Limited time lang kasi yung alumni, almost 12mn na ata natapos ang event.  Too bad didn't win the raffle, which are mostly cellphones (LG Octane).  Will share some photos below.

w/ schoolmates Teri & Jocy

classmates Andrew & Eugene

w/ Marissa Sanchez.  While singing her 2nd to the last song, had the opportunity to take a picture.


JHOANA said...

Ang saya naman nyan Ate! I miss my highschool friends tuloy!

Natuwa ako dun sa picture ni Marissa Sanchez. hehe! halatang kumakanta pa siya e.

Gel said...

Feeling ko malapit lapit na din kami magkaron ng HS reunion haha! I miss seeing some of my high school batchmates though but my closest friends in life are friends from high school pa :) Aww!

Faith said...

nakuuu nakakamiss ang highschool!sana pagnakauwi ako ng Pinas may reunion din kami <3
like the pictures ate!cuteee <3
love ya!

jenn said...

wow! Alumni homecoming! I never done that. kahit sa batch ng highschool ko >.<' wala. hindi kasi ako updated o__O eeeeeh! It really sounds fun! seeing your batch mates and friends again. talking about the present, reminiscing the past. ahh! it feels so great and fun! :DD

ayah said...

i've always wanted to attend alumni homecoming but never had the time to do so.
wow. it's a good thing you enjoyed the show.


lin said...

last time nag-attend ka din diba? nawala na yung iba mong post. Dapat pala mag-open ka din nang tabulas mo ganda! Para makapagpost ka din sa aking blog.


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