i love Hello Kitty!

I really love Hello Kitty! The truth??? I'm addicted to Hello Kitty stuffs!!! I don't know why but I really love Hello Kitty!!! Yes, I'm kinda childish a little but you can't blame me for loving Hello Kitty. When my 1st daughter was born, I bought her HK stuffs and shirts. In my 2nd daughter, thinking of buying also HK stuffs to her too. As for me, I'm buying/collecting HK stuffs also. Below are some stuffs that I bought:

As of this moment, I have additional oders:


lalalaPatricia said...

Nice collections! I'm not a Hello Kitty fan! Haha but i'm used to it because of my sister she likes hello kitty very much! It's cute 'cause it's pink! <3

Jhackie said...

Your not the only one :)
Me too I really really love HELLO KITTY .. i also buy stuffs like you but those cheap one only [ i don't have any budget] i love your collection

lin said...

nako! I think ha no one's old for HK! kaya nga iba-iba ang HK items. Hindi lang pangbata yun. Hindi lang open minded ang nag-isip that kapag HK items gamit mo eh isip bata ka na.


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