32 na

Yesterday, I celebrated my 32nd birthday. Sad to say hubby was not here to celebrate my special day. Actually, there is no party. Just ate lunch at home with mika, my mom, dad, brother, awit and chloe. Had kare-kare, veggies and pansit. My brother bought black forrest cake from red ribbon and ice cream. I also like to thank the people who greeted me on FB and through text. God bless you all and I love you!


Hazel said...

Belated happy birthday =)

Kimeh said...

Though it isn't a big celebration, the fact that you were with your fam satisfies all!

Happy birthday!

JHOANA said...

HAPPPPPYYYY BIRTHDAY ATE!! Kahit 32 na you look younger paren! =) Ang sarap ng cake!

JHOANA said...

Belated Happy Birthday Ate! Wow!!! sarap ng mga handa.. hehehe!


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