Hello to all! Happy New Year to All! Welcome to my other sideblog, Labshu16.Blogspot.Com ... Haven't heard about my Labshu.Info and I don't know why. I was trying to locate Mica pero wala akong link sa kanya because I'm using a new lappy and back to zero ako sa lahat. For now, I will be using this account while wala yung main link ko. I'm new to this one, kumakapa pa ako sa template that I am using.  Anyone can message me if you can make me new template, hehe.. :D Until then, God bless to all! ;)


Sandra said...

ate monica! Happy new year! Lovin the family pic at the sidebar. ♥ nakakatuwa yung ginawa mong groups sa facebook. Ang sarap magbalik-loob sa blogosphere. haha. ^^ see you around ate!! :**


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