Back to work

How is everybody doing?  Well, hope you are all doing great.  I'm happy that I am back in blogging here in my new home because my will expire next year and I will not continue it anymore that is why I made this blogger site as my new personal blog.  As for me, I am 7 months pregnant.  I will give birth either last week of December or 1st week January 2012 but my OB told me that there's a possibility that I will give birth on Christmas Eve.  And guess what, it is a baby GIRL...again!!!  And we will name her RAINE!

Back to my title...Hubby just left for work yesterday after 1 year of "tambay" because of his broken clavicle due to motor accident.  The night before he left, he was with 4 elementary & high school classmates:

hubby (far right) w/ elementary & high school classmates

Hubby's route is Manila-Japan-New York-Miami-Rio Hiana.  When he arrived at Narita Japan, he called thru Facebook video call while waiting for his flight to New York.  As of now, we are still waiting for his call, text or email if where he is right now.  He will be away for 8 months, super tagal pero sanay na ako.  We will miss him!

hubby at Narita Japan


sandra said...

yay! congrats sa 2nd daughter mo ate! I'm so happy. Raine is also the name of my sister. Lorrainetalaga pero as a nickname, raine. :D Lovely family! Buti okay na si hubby mo sa motor accident nya. he'll be away again pero there's internet to still catch up with one another! :D

Grysh said...

Yehey for Raine. Love that name. Very unique :)

It must have been hard having to separate with your hubby. It is a good thing you are used to it though. And thank god for the new technology. Hello Skype and Facebook video call for making it possible! :))

I've linked yah up btw. :)


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