Papa's Burial

Sad to say but that is life.  My father died last January 22, 2014.  We really thought his sickness was okay and thought that he could be discharge from the hospital but it made him worst.  Aspiration Pneumonia was the main problem.  As what I have said on my previous entry, it only started with dizziness then high blood pressure and mild stroke.  The wake lasted only for 3 days, the burial was yesterday (January 25) at 9am.  Thank you to friends and relatives who condole with us and God bless.  

siblings of papa

my mom, my 2 kids and my brother.  my younger brother is in Singapore

at the cemetery

with my mom & brother

with cousins


Yesha said...

Condolence sis. We know that your dad is with God. I know it's hard to move on but just keep in mind that your dad is already at home with God and he is 100% happy!

God bless your family :)


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