35 years


Thank you Lord for 35 years of existence and I thank HIM for giving me good health and family! CHEERS!

A mommy friend gave me this birthday gift after I dropped-off Mika to school

Our pastor visited us late this afternoon to say hello especially the condition of my dad.  Wala sa plano, invited them for dinner. 



Laine said...

Happy Birthday Ate Monica! More blessings and birthdays to come of course:) Tagay na! Hehe

Xoxo, Laine

Laine said...

Hi ate Monica:)

I actually don't know how to code a Blogspot layout but I can make a header for you if you'd like
just let me know the size,colors and what you want on it. It's also better if you can also provide me with photos or graphics
that you would like on it and I'll see what I can come up with! My email is aaliyah.rustam@gmail.com ^_^

Gellie Abogado said...

Happy Birthday, Monica! :)


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