Baby Raine

Gave birth to Baby Raine, December 25, 2011 at 12:40pm and she's 5.5 pounds.  Early morning on December 24 I had fever, colds and sore throat.  I was so sick, nasa bed lang ako the whole day hanggang mag-noche buena.  Early morning on December 25 at about 3am, I went to the hospital because I was bleeding already.  When I arrived at the hospital, I was still 3cm but still little contractions.  That's why I was enduced and that's the time na diretso na ang contractions ko.  I was really in pain, grabe.  Para bang it's my 1st time to gave birth, hehe..HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!

2 days to go

2 days to go, it's CHRISTMAS already!  Talked to hubby last December 19, they were in Rio Haina.  They stayed there for 2 days and super happy that we talked especially Mikaela.  As of this moment, they are sailing to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and they will arrive on the 24th or 25th this December.

Daddy wants to make faces with Mikaela  =)

When they left Rio Haina, I opened his FB account and there I saw some photos of him with his co-workmates.  He's too "tamad" to take photos, hehe...I asked his co-workmate if I can grab some photos and he said yes.

Tela, Honduras

Tela, Honduras

the tanker ship that he's on board, Iver Experience - when they were in Cayman Island

Christmas Nails

Had my nails done, including my toes.  Christmas colors, I really love them!  Just covered my face, haven't taken a bath yet.  Hehehe... =D

Pizza Treats

12 days to go and it's Christmas already!  Yikes!  baka sa hospital ako mag-pasko nito, hehe...Sana naman hindi noh, kasi I want to spend time with my family and relatives.  But hindi natin alam if when talaga ako manganak and if so, it's the PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT that I will receive!

Last week and tonight, I went out with my co-workers and we ate PIZZA!  Treat kasi niya kaya, GO!!!  1st, we went to CALDA PIZZA then just this night we went to MAMAMARIA'S PIZZERIA.  Will share some photos below, more photos in my facebook.



ang hirap ubusin, hehe...

A Request Shot

Hubby already left for Bahamas, they will go back to Rio Haina next week.  I told him to take a photo of him with his co-workers but he said they were all busy chatting/talking with their love ones.  Kaya I told him to take a picture of him na solo lang kasi yan lang ang kaligayahan namin ni Mika while he's far away from us, hehe...Taken on board the ship na ang background city lights ng Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Have a happy weekend everyone & God bless!  =)


Thanks to all who commented on my previous blog.  Last week my mom, her sister, Mika and I went to Smart.  My mom renewed her Smart Plan for another 2 years pero pina-downgrade niya from Plan P1,800 to Plan P800.  She had to choose from 3 cellphone units, Nokia C3, Samsung Corby 2 or Sony Ericsson Xperia 8.  She chose Sony Ericsson Xperia 8 but there was no stock available but the sales in-charge na nakausap niya suggested to get the Samsung Galaxy Young S5360 kaya that's what she chose na kunin.  

Ako naman, super nainggit kasi I want touch-screen and a friend of mine told me to get iPhone 4S pero ayaw ni hubby kasi mahal eh, aabot ng $600++.  That's why I told hubby na Samsung Galaxy S2 na lang na color white sakin but I'm still confused kasi sabi ng isa pang friend ko na maganda din ang Blackberry Torch  9860.  Tuloy, hindi ko alam anong pipiliin ko sa dalawa kasi both are nice.  If kayo ang tatanungin ko, alin ang gusto niyo for me?  hehe... ^_^  


Sila hubby dumating sa Louisiana at bumili agad siya ng Blackberry Playbook, hindi nakapag-tiis.


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