2 days to go

2 days to go, it's CHRISTMAS already!  Talked to hubby last December 19, they were in Rio Haina.  They stayed there for 2 days and super happy that we talked especially Mikaela.  As of this moment, they are sailing to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and they will arrive on the 24th or 25th this December.

Daddy wants to make faces with Mikaela  =)

When they left Rio Haina, I opened his FB account and there I saw some photos of him with his co-workmates.  He's too "tamad" to take photos, hehe...I asked his co-workmate if I can grab some photos and he said yes.

Tela, Honduras

Tela, Honduras

the tanker ship that he's on board, Iver Experience - when they were in Cayman Island


sandra said...

wow ang ganda naman ng pics! pictures of the ocean or any body of water make me calm. ganda! happy holidays sis! :D

lalalaPatricia said...

Eeeh hindi kayo magkasama sa Christmas? Advance Merry Christmas <3

Lin said...

nice naman! ganda pala sa Cayman Islands. Dami nag-babakasyon dyan. Malimit pala sa States ang Barko nila Sherwin. Musta kayo family mo dyan? Kumusta ang pagbubuntis mo? Pakimusta mo naman ako kay Lhyz kasi di ko makapagcomment din sa blog nya. ingats! Happy Holidays!


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