33 weeks & 3 days

Thanks to all who visited and commented on my blog!  If you comment on my blog, surely I will visit and comment on your blog also.  What's with my title?  Well, I'm 33 weeks & 3 days pregnant.  I have about 48 days to go until I will give birth.  But my OB told me that there's a possibility that I will give birth on Christmas Day...or maybe New Year....no one knows, hehe...

I really miss hubby a lot, I miss talking to him through FB Video call or in YM.  The last time we talked was when they were in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the United States last November 9.  That's the only place that we can communicate including Rio Haina, in Dominican Republic.  I also receive text messages when he's in Cayman Island located in the western Caribbean Sea.  As of this moment, maybe they are in Bahamas. Sabi ng brother niya na pumalit sa kanya, walang signal dun sa Bahamas kung saan sila pupunta. Well, I will just wait for him to call me. My FB will be always open for him. will share some of his photos:


Abhie said...

Hi ate Monica! :)

What's your husband's work? I know it's hard to be apart with your love ones esp now na preggy ka. Congrats! Sana sa Christmas lumabas si baby para masaya, ka-birthday nya si Jesus. hehe God Bless ate Monica! :)

Angie said...

Congratulations! Sana sa Christmas para ka-birthday ni Papa Jesus. Grabe! Hirap ng situation mo kasi preggy ka tapos wala sa tabi mo hubby mo. Anyway, ano pala work ng hubby mo?

Umi said...

Congrats sa baby mo! :)

Aw. Parang ang hirap naman ng situation mo na malayo kayo ng hubby mo sa isa't isa. But it's really nice that you're still making it through. Good luck! :>

Gel said...

Congrats on your baby! Aww ang hirap ng LDR. I've been there and it's tough pero i'm happy okay pa rin marriage niyo despite the distance :)

Mei said...

Oh noh. you are going to give birth soon. I know you are so excited for that hehe I hope you
ll have sa fe delivery. I think giving birth on Christmas is better than New Year hahaha

Sis, may i ask what plugin are you using for your flickr? I'll just compare it with all the flickr plugins I have searched.


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