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Thanks sa lahat who visited my blog and commented, I also linked your blogs (as you can see at the right side, lower portion). My tummy is now 34 weeks & 3 days.  Regarding to your questions about what hubby's work is, he's a Seaman. Nasa tanker ship siya doing welding stuffs, also called as "Fitter".  I'm so happy again because naka-usap ko ulit si hubby last week when they were in Port Rio Haina in Dominican Republic.  Si Mika din tuwang-tuwan makita daddy niya, kasi parehas silang makulit.  Hubby said sa December nasa Louisiana sila ulit at tuwang-tuwa si hubby kasi sale dun.  Sabi ko nga bilihan niya ako ng  signature bag, hehe...For now, hintayin ko ulit  call ni hubby when they arrive in Louisiana.  Will share photos again, God bless and happy Wednesday!  =)

Mika & I just woke up talking to hubbby while taking breakfast...November 19, 2011 (morning)

Talked to hubby before we went to bed. Mika said, "Daddy Makulit" to his photo...November 19, 2011 (evening)

Asked hubby to smile so that I can take a picture and that's the way he wanted to look, all the time...Wacky parin kahit kulang sa tulog, hehe...November 20, 2011 (evening)


Miss Lakambini ♥ said...

Hello Ate! :)

Oh, seaman si hubby. Kinda hard no? He's so far. Pero okay lang yan, as long as both of you are happy and contented, that's fine. Plus, it's for the family and future of Mika baby :)

Preggy ka ate??? :) Waah! Super tagal na natin magkakilala online no? si Mika first, then now.. Wee~ Cheers!

valerie ♥ said...

aw monica good morning ♥
weeh ilang araw nalang manganganak ka na im so excited and happy for you, hubby and baby mica ♥

BEBE said... cute and sweet sis :D
hirap talaga pag seaman..malayo.. pero at least nakakachat kayo sis. weee..<3 stay happy in love!:)

Have a nice day! ♥

sandra said...

ang kulit naman. haha love the webcam pics! tama yan may time parin to communicate even if online lang para di mawala communication especially for the kids. :D

PS ate curling iron ngloreal gamit ko minsan lang ako nagcucurl so di naman kita ang damage.. siguro pag everytime baka masira hair lalo na dahil di ako madalas magpatreatment ng hair :D


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