When Mika enrolled last year at school (my alma mater), I met new mommy friends (mommies of Mika's classmates).  Since then, they have been my mommy kaberks upto now.  The class schedule of the kids is from 1pm-4pm.  Between that times, we go malling.  The 2 photos below, one is absent because of important/emergency transactions.

1st tapok-tapos at S&R (November 6, 2013)

2nd tapok-tapok at Shakey's Pizza (November 20, 2013)


Aaliyah Laine said...

The food looks GOOD!
I miss Shakeys .. I miss Philippines! It's nice that you have bonding moments with fellow mommies. dito kasi snob karamihan ng mga intsik haha napadaan lang Sis!


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