Mika goes to school

Mika already went to school yesterday. She had fun with her new friends/classmates. See photos below, sorry for the poor quality of the photos.


Sandra said...

goodluck kay baby girl!! ♥

and to you mommy monica sa paghanda ng baon niya! hihi.

La Reyn said...

I miss being a kid and I like the feeling of going to school every first day. :D

Dhadha said...

Big girl na si mika. Parang kelan lng. Si kimy din, this wed na first day ng class. Good luck nlng satin sa pag gising sa morning pra magprepare ng mga kelangan ng mga lil kiddos natin. Hihi! :)))

Umi said...

She's really cute! :)

Yesha said...

Good to know your baby had fun on school. Me too I'm so busy preparing my kids stuff and all that ^ ^

Kawaii ne


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