giveaway + school + hubby = EXCITED

1.  Did you know? BabyvOx is having her First Blog Giveaway! Enter and get the chance to win a Blog Makeover, Nyx Cosmetics, Candybag, Hoshigirl Cute Stuff, domains and cash prizes! See the details below! I can't wait for the winners to be announce. Praying that I will also win, especially the candybag.

Hi in case you didn't know! Yes I'm having my first giveaway on this website. Although this is my 2nd giveaway actually when I first hosted my contest on my other blog. Chiminess.
Okay continue with the giveaway! This is are the awesome prizes!
Nyx Wholesale PH

1st Winner will get:
A Blog Makeover. - Babyvox
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2nd Winner will get:
Candybag - Aisha Kristine
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3rd Winner will get:
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See the blog post for the mechanics.
Here’s another prize!
Make the Best Post and Win 4 bracelets of your choice from
Why do you think you should win this bracelets? Minimum of 100 words.
The first sentence starts with this “I want to win Cutey’s Bracelets because..” (with’s link)-important!
Once you’re done with everything, comment on this blog entry with the following information:
*BLOG POST ABOUT CUTEY: (if you decided to join)
EDIT: MAY 6, 2012 5PM This contest also have a referral prize! Be a sure winner by referring the most participants in this giveaway! And win $10!
Contest ends on May 31! Winners will be picked via and will announce on June 1.
All cash prizes will be sent via Paypal.
A big thanks to all the sponsor who did not ignore me when I messaged them about having this Giveaway! Thank you!
Nyx Wholesale Ph | BabyVox | Aisha Kristine | Ayei Bithao | The Nail Designs | Miss-Honeul | Cutey | The Rainbow Star | Lhyzie Bongon | Random Acts of Sweetness | Candy-Bumm

2.  School is near, Mika is already excited to mingle with her new teacher and classmates.  Done with everything!  Already bought back pack for her, school shoes and rubber shoes including also socks, shirts uniforms and skirts.  I love the Hello Kitty school shoes and rubber shoes for her, they are adorable.  I hope and pray na yung attitude niya dito sa bahay hindi niya dalahin sa school, ang kulit kasi eh.  Parents orientation will be on June 6 and classes will start on June 7.

3.  Hubby and I talked thru skype again last week, I was relieved.  I was worried kasi, ang tagal niyang hindi nag-online.  3 week sila naka-tambay sa Bahamas, usually kasi 1 week lang sila doon.  He told me that he will arrive last week of June.  Cannot wait to see, kiss ang hug him!!!

nakipag-kulitan kay hubby...

mika's back pack...

mika's hello kitty school shoes...

mika's hello kitty rubber shoes (for p.e.)...


Lhyzie said...

i want the shoes! i love hello kitty so much. hihi.

Grysh said...

I so envy you and your hubby. The two of you are so sweet! I hope when my boyfriend and I get married, we'll still be as sweet as you guys are! :)

I also use Skype to contact my boyfriend as well since he often go out of country either for work or for leisure with friends. Lol. A very useful messenger indeed!


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