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After I graduated from college, my first work was in a hotel but it only lasted for more than 1 year.  My 2nd work was with this certain company but it didn't last too long and walang maayos na sweldo.  My 3rd work was in a school but I resigned because my position was gone but they said I there's this 2 job descriptions but with the same salary, NO WAY!!!  My last work was in a construction firm but it only lasted for months, I resigned because of the TOXIC WORK LOAD and NOT SO GOOD BOSS!!!  After that, I didn't work at all.  My hubby is working abroad and ayaw ko na parati lang naka-depend sa kanyang sahod, that is why I've been looking for other options like ONLINE HOMEBASE WORK.  I was blogging since 2003 or 2004, with the help of my 1st online friend LIN.  Since then, she introduced me to her online friends as well and then one of them is SCART who introduced me to earn dollars in making blog assignments online.  Up to know, I'm still active on PAID POST BLOGGING.  My mom and aunt also into joining online business, some are good and some are not.  There's this one online business that my aunt joined and sinali niya ako, but she paid for it.  I was shocked with the outcome because I earned more than P100,000.  Because of that, my hubby and I got married.  That online business now is gone, sayang lang.  But, my earnings in blogging ay hindi pa sapat para sa future ng family ko.  

After years of searching more online programs, sa FACEBOOK ko pa makikita yung hinahanap ko.  Yung friend here in davao, nakikita ko na parating naka-post ng mga informations sa FB wall niya and I was curious.  In just 7 weeks, he already earned $1,200.  At first, natatakot ako per nung nakita ko yung photo niya with the earnings that he gets,  parang gusto kong sumali.  I joined just this April 23, 2012, kaya wala pa akong earnings but soon will post about it here on my blog. IF IT PUTS MONEY IN MY POCKET THEN I'D RATHER TRY AND FAIL THAN FAIL TO TRY...try and try until you succeed...there is no wrong in trying...just believe and have faith in GOD and in yourself...I MIGHT FAIL BUT THE EXPERIENCE WILL MAKE ME BETTER. IT WILL MAKE YOUR BORING DAILY ROUTINE INTO AN INTERESTING ONE. THEIR JOB IS TO INFORM, NOT TO CONVINCE! This BUSINESS is so EASY and SIMPLE. If you want to LEARN how to earn like my friend earned DOLLARS $$$, leave a comment and WE WILL GIVE YOU OUR TRUST to TEACH and GUIDE you in this PURE ONLINE HOME BASE BUSINESS using FACEBOOK. To start you with, please check the recorded orientation below :

My friend's earnings in 7 weeks...


Lin said...

Aba! Looks nice ha! 2006 po tayo nagstart mag-blog. lolz Ang tagal ko nang hindi nag-blog hop. Buti pala nagbloghop ako kahit super late na dito and di pa ako tulog. lolz Morning na! lolz Anyway, God's Blessing pala/God's will siguro in a sort of way kasi I'm looking for an alternative method to earn more money kahit man lang sa Bahay. You know how hard it is na din dito nowadays. Kahit yung matagal na sa work eh nawalan pa din nang work. Email mo naman ako for more infos oh please? Pano ba yan? Makapag-facebook nga! heheh. Astig na din! Pang-dag-dag earnings. Mukang okay naman si Sherwin sa New Orleans pala sya now. Musta mga kids? Sina tita? Happy Mother's Day sa inyo ni Tita! God Bless!

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