2wks & 2 days

Today, baby Raine is 2wks & 2 days old.  Super lakas niya mag-milk, as in pure breast-feed siya like Mika.  Naka-tipid kami ng milk nung nag breast-feed si Mika, 2yrs mahigit din.  

baby Raine & mommy...

Yesterday, had the chance to chat/talk with hubby when  they arrive at Rio Haina.  We had important conversations like what school will Mika be this school year and also the budget, of course.  I also asked him if how's their new year celebration, and he said not that good.  No fireworks, only food and he won in a "pa-bingo" 2 Drambuie Whisky worth P3,000 each.  He opened 1 bottle and the other one he will bring it home as a gift.  

Drambuie Whisky

pinakita ni hubby sakin yung Blackberry Playbook niya


lalalaPatricia said...

your baby is so cute! Cute name also! don't you have other companions? isn't hassle for you to work alone? :)


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